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Postal Exam Info

Get prepared for your USPS 473-E Battery Exam!

Here is a list of the most common asked questions ranging from postal requirements, career positions, passing scores, practice postal exams and postal exam study tips brought to you by


1. What positions at the U.S Postal Service require the 473-E Battery Exam?

A) City Carrier
B) Mail Processing Clerk
C) Mail Handler
D) Distribution Associate
E) Service Associate
F) Sales Associate

3. What are the categories of questions on the 473-E exam?

A) Address Checking - In this category you will find to very similar or in some questions identical addresses. You will be asked to locate the difference, if any between the two addresses. For instance the two addresses may be identical except for the zip codes or the house numbers may not match.

B) Forms Completion - In this category you will be presented with a series of postal forms and you will be asked to correctly identify pieces of information needed to correctly complete the form.

C) Coding and Memory - In this category you will be presented with a chart of address ranges and corresponding route identifiers. In the first half of the category (Coding) your will be presented with one address in each question and asked to note which route the address belongs to. In the second half of this category (Memory) you will be asked to identify the correct route an address belongs to but you will not be given the route identifier chart. This is where the memory portion of the category comes into play.

D) Personal Characteristics - This category of questions is essentially a way for the postal service to find out how you will perform in a certain job position. It is always recommended that you answer these questions honestly and that you mark down your first answer that comes into your mind.

4. What are the time limits in each of these sections and how many questions are there?

The 473-E postal exam is very strictly timed and in fact you may not even be able to finish the entire exam in the allotted time given.

A) Address Checking - In this category you are given 11 minutes to complete 60 questions. (11 Seconds per question.)

B) Forms Completion - In this category you are give 7 minutes to complete 15 questions. (28 Seconds per question)

C) Coding and Memory - As mentioned above there are two parts to this category. In the coding section you will be presented with 36 questions and given 6 minutes to finish. (10 Seconds per question). In the memory category you will be presented with 36 questions and given 7 minutes to finish. (12 Seconds per question).

D) Personal Characteristics - In this category you are given 90 minutes to complete 236 questions. (23 Seconds per question)

5. What is considered a passing score on the 473-E exam?

To receive a "basic rating" which is essentially a qualifying score you must achieve a 70% to 100%. The actual score needed to get hired is not known and there are many variables. Some say you must get at least an 80% while others say you must get a 90% while some people even go as far as to say a 90% is impossible.

6. How do you get an application form from postal service to become a City Carrier? (Or other above listed positions)

A printable PDF application form is available for download from the postal service web site. Click HERE to download the form.

7. How do you apply for a postal service exam?

If you already have a vacancy number then the best way to apply is online. To apply online click HERE. If you do not have a vacancy number you can:

A) Ask for assistance from someone at your local post office
B) Keep an eye on newspaper advertisements
C) Visit employment offices
D) Regularly search

8. Can I study for my Postal Exam?

The answer is YES! Practice never hurts and when it comes to highly coveted postal positions rest assured that you will have competition. To get a "leg-up" on your competition it is recommended that you visit and purchase a study exam package. It is important to note that purchasing an exam package will not guarantee employment with the postal service but it will without a doubt prepare you for your actual exam by offering questions that are similar in design and content to the real thing. The advantage to practicing at a website like is that you get immediate access to practice postal exam test questions as opposed to having to wait for a study guide in the mail. As well, the package at automatically marks your practice exams for you. In the end this saves you valuable study time. As well, all of the exams are completely randomized which means you will never see the same exam twice. Often when studying the same 4 or 5 exams over and over again in a paper based study guide you will find that after 3 or 4 attempts you will end up memorizing the answers. This does NOT happen when you the study randomized exams at

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